T184 gives competitors a unique opportunity to test their endurance in both body and mind and the chance to see how they perform when they have to compete self supported.


T184 competitors will recieve all of the support found in other ultra races, the only difference is that competitors carry their own food end equipment.


T184 is also unique in that it gives the rest of the World the chance to interact with the race.


T184 will be using the latest technology supplying competitors with GPS tags that give real time information on the competitors progress, allowing the competitors themselves as well as the rest of the World the chance to watch the race unfold.


T184 sees competitors racing the complete length of the Thames Path from the Thames Barrier in London to the source in the Cotswolds, a distance of 184 miles. 


The race is taken on self supported so competitors will carry all food, clothing and sleeping equipment and will receive no help from road crews. This will make it the ultimate Thames Path ultra marathon and a must do event for anyone with adventure in their heart.


There will be seven checkpoints throughout the race where competitors can collect water and recieve medical care and any help needed from the checkpoint crew.


A drop bag can be delivered from the start line to the finish line for all competitors.


The race has a cut off time of 80 hours giving competitors the chance to sleep and stop to eat.


T184 is perfect for individuals or those competitors who wish to compete the course together as a team.


This race requires endurance from the competitors and also the ability to compete self supported and plan ahead.



If the thought of taking on 184 miles is just that step too far at this moment in time then T60 is the perfect race to experience competing unsupported and overnight, covering the final sixty miles of the Thames Path to it's source. It's also a great training race for T184 which ca be taken on in the future. For more information on T60  click here

For a chat about T184 please contact Shane on 07831 755007

The T184 Race Route KML File (Feb 2014 v4.0)
Note : this route may be subject to change. Any changes will be announced on this website and the facebook group with a new version of the KML file issued and updated here.
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