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The T-Series of ultra races and training workshops bring a unique approach to the sport of ultra running in the UK.


The ultra races are taken on unsupported giving competitors a fresh challenge and lots of new things to think about. These events will test your self sufficiency and ability to plan ahead as well as your endurance of mind and body.


With the T1 workshop in March, T60 Night race in May and then the T100 Unsupported race and T184 Endurance race in August you can start the year new to ultra running and finish the year taking on one of the toughest challenges Uk ultras have to offer.


If you are a seasoned Ultra runner then the T-Series of ultra races will give you a challenge like no other ultra.


The T-Series events have a very special partnership with Gotek, this means that the ultra races have a bespoke GPS tracking system and live video streaming that allows the rest of the world to watch the races take place in real time, making ultra racing a spectator sport for the first time.

T1 Workshop 14/03/2015

T60 Night race  09/05/2015

T100 Unsupported race 28/08/2015

T184 Endurance race  28/08/2015

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T-Series registration, T1 Workshop, T60 Night race, T100 Unsupported race.

When:   T1      14/03/2015

When:   T60     09/05/2015

When:   T100   28/08/2015

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T- Series registration, T1 Workshop, T60 Night race, T184 Endurance race.

When:  T1      14/03/2015

When:  T60    09/05/2015

When:  T184  28/08/2015

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The T-Series events are available as individual challenges.

For a chat about the T-Series events contact Shane on 07831 755007

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